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What Will The Hy-phen of Our Lives Me...

What Will The Hy-phen of Our Lives Mean

 “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?  And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?”  Rabbi Hillel, born 1st century BCE Although this may sound macabre to some when I lived in the UK I loved to visit churchyards and wander about […]

You’re Not the Boss of Me: Taki...

You’re Not the Boss of Me: Taking Leadership Personally

    There is a person with whom you spend more time than any other, a person who has more influence over you, and more ability to interfere with or to support your growth than anyone else. This ever-present companion is your own self.   Dr. Pamela Butler, Clinical Psychologist   What is Leadership? As I […]

The Art of Courageous Authentic Leade...

The Art of Courageous Authentic Leadership

“As leaders and change makers, many of us are discovering ways of organizing and working that are more agile and creative, and that lead to new perspectives and solutions. This not only requires new tools, business models, and maps – it also requires greater levels of experimentation, co-creation, and risk-taking in the midst of forces […]

Attentive Focus – Creating the...

Attentive Focus  – Creating the Life We Want

“Most of us go blithely about our daily preoccupations until a crisis or some vague internal stirring stops us long enough to focus our attention on the need to discover the deeper meaning in our lives.”       Stephanie Marston Living the life we truly want doesn’t just happen. It takes intentionality and the focusing of our […]

Food for Thought – Employee Emp...

Food for Thought – Employee Empowerment and Engagement and the Notion of Followship

The first organizational change assignment I undertook while working in the UK was to completely revolutionize the central accounting system for a major retailer with approximately 800 stores nationwide. The cultural legacy of this department, which utilized the expertise of a team of 30 individuals, was one of simply processing the abundant volume of data […]

Goals, Becoming Intimate With Our Emo...

Goals, Becoming Intimate With Our Emotions and Being Diamonds in the Rough

What stops us from living the life we want? What are some of the barriers precluding our goals? We all have long-held beliefs and stories we tell ourselves that don’t help us create a life of brilliance and meaning. The stories we tell ourselves can be about our mental capabilities: I’m not smart enough. I […]

The Upside Downside of Goal Setting i...

The Upside Downside of Goal Setting in Organizations

For over forty years researchers have touted that an organizational focus on goal setting is critical to it surviving and thriving. Why is it so vital for all employees to understand and focus on their part in adhering to the overall organizational strategy; so everyone is travelling in the same direction, toward the same outcomes? […]

Faith and the Law of Abundance

Faith and the Law of Abundance

Living life abundantly is the embodiment of our emotions, thoughts, body and spirit working in harmony.  It’s achieved through passion, clarity of purpose, focused pragmatic action, and faith. When talking about living life abundantly some pundits suggest we solely focus on what we really want in life and stop concentrating on what we don’t want.  […]

7 Key Elements of Abundant Success

7 Key Elements of Abundant Success

A few weeks ago I attended a WXN networking event in Mississauga where I heard Linda Fitzgerald, President of NCR Canada Ltd, speak. She has spent 30 years working for the top names in the Information Technology industry. She is one of just a handful of females leading an IT company in Canada and understands […]

The Reciprocal Nature of The Law of A...

The Reciprocal Nature of The Law of Abundance

There is a story of a farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it.The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbours. […]

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“I recently heard Ruth speak to an audience of over 400 at a motivational event.

She is a compelling story teller, she held the audience in a state of suspension between laughing at the humorous parts and wondering what would come next in the dramatic bits.

Her speech was an inspiration and an experience. Her style is comfortable, conversational and positively provocative.

She entertains and enlightens her listeners while making them think and encouraging them to take action.”

Peter Wright, Director, Public Speakers Association

Peter Wright

Ruth is an inspiring speaker and great storyteller, who weaves a seamless message within her presentation. Her humour and down-to-earth messages kept the audience hanging onto her every word. Ruth’s message was funny, entertaining, real and inspirational. I wholeheartedly recommend her for both organizational and public keynote speaking forums

Paula Morand

Ruth's performance at momondays was well crafted, entertaining and engaging. Her message about choices really hit home with the audience. We'd have her back on the momondays stage anytime!

Michel Neray - Founder and Producer of momondays

Ruth is a wonderful coach, mentor and facilitator. She has an uncanny ability to unlock insights into issues by guiding the people she works with to see and understand their worlds differently. She has a deeply human touch that is grounded in the realism of commercial experience and a sensitivity to the complexities of social and organisational affairs.

Dr. Paul Johnston DBA, MBA, pgce, BA (hons) Dr. Paul Johnston DBA, MBA, pgce, BA (hons)

Ruth is a really great person. I thoroughly recommend her in a coaching, mentoring or facilitating role. She is one of the few coaches that has a profound experience of integral thinking which she uses to great advantage in her work.

Mike Pupius - Co-founder at Centre for Mindful Life Enhancement

Ruth is insightful, warm, caring and a great listener. These traits, coupled with her deep academic background and astute practical mind, make her an excellent coach, mentor and facilitator. Ruth helps you see complex situations from different perspectives, leading to solution or action plans. She is a delight!

Enn Martin - Enterprise Support Manager at Oracle

I thoroughly enjoyed Ruth’s bubbly and enthusiastic presentation straddled by a touch of personal humour and a sense of commitment to society. Her delivery was very eloquent and confident. The message was clear and precise and riveted the diverse audience for 10 minutes leaving us wanting more.

Martin Buckland

Ruth is a confident, inspiring and effervescent speaker. She strategically uses humour to create a relaxed environment while captivating the audience with her story of personal resilience. In a brief few minutes, Ruth left us wanting more and sent us forth with a refreshed gratitude and respect for the power of human kindness and perseverance. The plot twists of life really do occur for a reason and uncovering that reason is Ruth's passion.

Brenda Collard-Mills, C.R.S. Professional Resume Writer | Resume Content Specialist

As the owner of a marketing agency for speakers - and the host of momondays Barrie, I see a LOT of speakers... I can say without reservation that Ruth has a genuine talent for speaking. When she shared her story on the momondays stage in 2014, she had the audience laughing, thinking and on their feet. Ruth, you speak with a genuineness and humour that touches an audience. It was a pleasure!

Lauren Pibworth - Owner, Pibworth - marketing agency for speakers

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