Faith and the Law of Abundance

Living life abundantly is the embodiment of our emotions, thoughts, body and spirit working in harmony. 

It’s achieved through passion, clarity of purpose, focused pragmatic action, and faith.

When talking about living life abundantly some pundits suggest we solely focus on what we really want in life and stop concentrating on what we don’t want. 

Great advice, but in itself that won’t get you your heart-felt goals and aspirations.  Especially when positively focusing on what you do want doesn’t give immediate results. 

That’s where faith comes into the equation. 

The faith that I’m talking about here is what The Free Dictionary defines as:

  1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
  2. Belief that doesn’t rest on logical proof or material evidence.


“Faith is a gift of spirit that allows the soul to remain attached to its own unfolding.”    Thomas Moore 


The Toltec teachings suggest that most of us use faith to create or recreate the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.  They say that any thought you have about the truth of your life is made in faith about the truth of that belief.  That is, whatever you have cognitive faith in, you’ll feel able to create in your life.  

However, as we see from the above definitions true faith isn’t based on logical proof or material evidence.  Faith isn’t true when invested in what we think. 

It’s true when based on what you know or feel from the depth of your soul. This unreasoned faith is faith in the moment, faith in life, and faith in yourself.  This type of faith-awareness is powerful. 

However, this doesn’t mean that just because we focus our efforts in living from a faith that isn’t based on logical proof or material evidence we can believe that we’ll instantly and forever be living life abundantly.  Absolutely not!  This soulfully fuelled type of faith is far from blind.

Thomas Moore reminds us that there is at least two dimension to this kind of faith – that of being a ‘believer’ and a ‘disbeliever’.  Soulful faith is germinated in the richness of both wonder and questioning. 

Initially you might think that being a believer and disbeliever in the same instance might dilute or even cancel the power of faith.  But nothing could be further from the truth. 

Robust faith requires pursuing living life abundantly by acknowledging both the light and shadow side of faith. 

  • Belief (light) that you will create whatever you desire in your life; or that someone will be what you expect them to be. 
  • Uncertainty (shadow) that life and others will be just as you expect.

In other words honing your soulful faith means holding both wonder in life’s creative nature and the strength of your faith, even while you question that wonder and strength. 

If you refuse or forget to hold these seeming opposites in the same instance you run the risk of becoming cynical, when whatever outcome or person you put your faith in doesn’t come through in the way you thought they should.   

As Moore reminds us “to the soul they are [both] necessary”…. “the creative shadow actually strengthens faith by filling it out and ridding it of its perfection”. 

True faith isn’t blind to its shadow.  It recognizes and realizes that if you don’t allow some uncertainty into soulfully practicing your faith you may, as Moore suggests, fall victim to neurotic excesses, feeling superior or cynicism. 

What part has soulful faith played in you living life abundantly?  I’d love to hear your comments.

Until the next time honour both the light and shadow of your faith in living life abundantly!

In the next blog we’ll explore what trust has to do with faith and living life abundantly.


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Thomas Moore (1994), Care of The Soul, Harper Collins, New York, New York

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