What perceptual lens is creating your life – PART II

In life you interpret your experiences by processing events in order to give them meaning.  Do your cookies of interpretation belong to you or someone else?

Our perceptions flow from the way we choose to feel about any life event, which means that our perceptions and feelings become one and the same.

Scenario:  You’re all alone in your house. It’s late at night and you hear a creak on the stairs as you lay in bed.  The sound instantly fills you with a feeling of dread and anxiety.  A feeling attributed to the memory of the three-year-old you when your brother snuck up the stairs late at night and jumped out of the darkness to scare you as you lay helpless in your cot.   

A key point to remember is that your current interpretation (perception) of what something (in this instance, a creak on the stairs) means which flows from sensory stimulation (feeling) is primarily based on a memory of that experience.

Put simply, your memories are memories of memories of memories.  In the example of the creaking stairs, you’ve isolated in time a feeling of being scared witless, and wrapped it around the experience of your brother jumping out of the darkness. 

You have, in other words, chosen to forget or delete all the surrounding circumstances of that experience; like your mother comforting you and making the world feel safe again or your brother being scolded and sent off to bed and the fact that you got cookies and he didn’t.

Perception is the process of translating the senses (sight, touch, feel, taste and smell) into comprehensible experience.  And because you don’t witness the process of translating your senses into perception, your interpretations can never be confirmed or denied. 

Validating or falsifying the perceptions you hold isn’t particularly important.  What is relevant is the awareness that any and all of the perceptual filters you use – based on your unique interpretation of the meaning of events – is only one way to look at life experiences.

Ask yourself:  Do the perception(s) I hold about myself and others help me live the life I want to create?

If the answer to that question is NO then you need to shift the perception(s) which prevent you from fully engaging in the creative flow of your unique and meaningful life.

Your perceptions construct the world and your life as you know it.  Change your perceptions and your change your life!

When you hold a perception about the way the world works, you tend to gather information which supports your viewpoint. 

Your perception, therefore, acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Your perceptions underpin the stories you tell yourself about who you are but mostly who you are not.  They are the foundation of how you believe life should be lived.   

Question:  Is there anything that you perceived/perceive as real that became real but didn’t give you the life you wanted?

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts about the content of this blog.  Until we meet again, have a extraordinary life!

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